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When booking ensure the company you are dealing with is a member of a reputable, trade organisation and that you have a landline telephone number.

Beware of online or telephone quotes, you will be charged EXTRA for EVERY item you did not list!

It's impossible for you to know exactly how many boxes or "square foot" you require moving, especially weeks before you move! On moving day its difficult for you to negotiate a fair price as you are stuck with the company you have booked.

These companies are often removals brokers, the movers they book for you will be from out of town with no reputation to protect. In some cases ALL the quotes supplied will be from the same organisation under three different names.

Ask any removals company to provide proof of insurance, its so easy for an uninsured company to claim to be "fully insured" Any member of our staff visiting your home will be pleased to show you certificates of insurance and proof of current trade Memberships.

When your moving date has been confirmed, please call us to make your booking from 8am - 8pm 7 days.

The moving bit:

If possible secure an area of road or car park outside your office for the removal truck to park. Use your own car, traffic cones or dustbins. Try and do the same at your new location.

First impressions count, do you really want your clients to see you turning up like the Beverly Hillbillies in a battered old hire van? Using a uniformed removal service will improve your companies status.

Don't delay in packing. During the weeks before your move if you don't use it, pack it. There is nothing more stressful than trying to pack your possesions on the day of your move.

Don't use old boxes, they become weak. Boxes should weigh about 20-30lbs each.

Pack your goods in new, double walled, cardboard removal boxes and mark them clearly as to which office they are to be delivered to.
Tape them closed using the "H" method (one along the seem and half way up and two across and up the sides).

Don't use masking tape as its not strong enough, use packing tape. 

Give yourself plenty of time to pack, it takes longer than you expect.

Pack your heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter items at the top.Try to keep the weights of your boxes as uniformed as possible.

Ensure you don't overload your boxes so they don't close.

Stack your packed boxes against walls or in corners leaving our team room to work.

Bundle items like brooms and brushes and tape them together.

Mark your boxes with a complete description of the items inside.

When it comes to finding that item you need urgently you will be pleased you did.

Please call us on: Colchester 01206 241258 to speak to an advisor if we have not listed a moving subject you require help with or to add items that you require us to move.

118 Communications House, 9 St John Street Colchester Essex. CO2 7NN

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